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  • The Stork Times was a great way to let everyone know about the births of our children. They are fun and creative and so easy to do. We sent them out to all our friends and family and everyone enjoyed them. We even printed th...More
    Cathy Culbertson
    Roanoke, VA
  • I have friends scattered all over the country and it is hard to get to the store and buy a gift to send to them every time one has a baby. So I use The Stork Times and send a really unique gift to them that means a lot more t...More
    Ryan Taylor
    Chicago, IL
  • One of my dearest friends sent my husband and I a press release from The Stork Times when we had our daughter and it was hands down the best gift we got. We both laughed and cried as we read it and have it hanging on the wall...More
    Katherine Myers
    Chapel Hill, NC
  • My wife and I looked all over for a birth announcement to send out when we had our son. Everything we found was so ordinary and plain. When we stumbled across The Stork Times it was the perfect way to let everyone know our g...More
    Jason Thompson
    Vincennes, IN
  • I just love The Stork Times and send one to each of my friends whenever they have a baby. There are so many options to choose from that the hardest part is deciding on which theme fits the parents best. There is nothing out there like it and I always get a great response every time I send one. More
    Annemarie Pantazis
    Washington, D.C.